What makes Crazy Horse Leather so Unique?

It's no surprise that crazy horse leather has captured the hearts of so many, on a worldwide scale. It carries with it the essence of luxury, antique and vintage all at the same. But what is it that makes crazy horse leather so special?

Crazy horse leathers are made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been buffed and smoothed out. The wax used on these buffed full grain leathers is what gives crazy horse leather it's special and unique qualities. Each of these qualities provided through the application of the wax, plays a very distinctive role in the uniqueness of crazy horse leather.

One of which qualities that is mostly adored about crazy horse leather, is the timeless antique and vintage look that begins to show almost immediately after use. The wax strengthens the leather fibers to the point that when the fibers are rubbed or scratched the natural leather color changes a shade or two, without immediately reversing back. Only through daily use or continuous rubbing over a short period of time will allow the shade change to reverse back. Through wear and tear, naturally the crazy horse leather will become full of these scratches. The rubbed and scratched areas that show the changes in shades of color, are what reflects the so loved antique and vintage appearance.

Another quality that makes crazy horse leather so special, is the wax itself. As we know, wax is highly resistant to water and other liquids. So, when applied to leather it protects the leather fibers far better than that of any other substance used on leather today. This allows the crazy horse leather to withstand much of what is an issue for most other types of leather. 

Last but not least, another such fascinating quality that makes crazy horse leather so unique, is that it doesn't stain fabrics or clothing. Because of this, it is the ideal choice of leather for making vintage style leather bags and other vintage fashion accessories. Unlike oil-pull leather bags, and many other types of leather that use oils, crazy horse leather is the exception when it comes to vintage but clean.