Vintage Crazy Horse Leather

When it comes to vintage, most would consider that its a word used to describe an antique item that was made many years ago. This is mainly because of how real antique items look today. But what about modern made items that aren't a thing from the past, but rather something that was only recently made. Could an item of such still be considered vintage? Well, it appears that if a modern made item is made too look like it is an antique, then it may be indeed considered vintage. Today, the common practice of making fashion accessories, lamps, tables and other types of furniture to appear vintage is but a common practice for a trendy and thirsty consumer appetite.

Crazy horse leather bags are one of such items made today for the quenching of this outrageous crave for vintage. Crazy horse leather is a type of leather that has been imbued with an assortment of unique qualities through a simple process of fortifying a buffed full grain leather surface with a special purpose wax. One of the great qualities of crazy horse leather that is most adored, is it's timeless antique and vintage appearance that shows almost immediately after use.

Instead of oils being used for preservation purposes, a special kind of wax is used instead. The wax application used to make crazy horse leather strengthens the leather fibers to the point that when the fibers are rubbed or scratched the natural leather color changes a shade or two, without immediately reversing back. Only through daily use or rubbing over a period of time will allow the shade change reverse back.

Through wear and tear, naturally the leather will become full of these scratches. The rubbed or scratched areas are what reflects the sought after vintage appearance. And this is what the hype over crazy horse leather bags is really all about.