Traditional Leather Hiking Backpack

In today's market, there is a vast array of hiking and trekking backpacks ranging from professional to amateur. Each of these is considered to be without a doubt an essential part of any successful backpacking excursion or hike. Technologically advanced fabrics, modern design concepts made to completely uncomplicated any difficult situation that might arise during a trip. With an unlimited amount of uniquely placed pockets, well designed and situated zippers and a diversely justified and organized internal compartment, these modern advancements will make any journey feel like a walk through the mall with ice cream.

Traditionally, before the advancement of high tech synthetic fabrics and other really awesome modern backpack inventions. Backpacks made of durable full grain cowhide leather were used. These backpacks were pretty much created in nature to withstand the most vigorous of terrains and environments, and they didn't come with all the bells and whistles of today's. In fact the need for such ease of travel didn't even exist then. They served the primary and basic functions; A rugged internal compartment and a few external pockets.

It is a known fact that, a long time ago, human beings were physically more capable of actually living in the wild without feeling like it was a struggle. Due to the lack of sophisticated modern synthetic materials and manufacturing, we actually utilized the tools that nature provided for us; Real leather, wood and stone.

Today, there are still many who consider this traditional way of outdoor living and hiking to be the correct way to truly enjoy the wilderness or an "exploration hike" they call it. And in this traditional love each of these individuals carry a genuine real leather backpack very much similar to this one here.