The Fortunate Events of Two Complete Strangers

A dialogue that took place at a train station between two complete strangers, about the unique and very distinctive leather bags of the Gritty Rustic Leather Co., Which lead to some rather interesting and very fortunate events.

Sabine: Excuse me sir, that's a marvelous leather backpack you have there. That has absolutely got to be a Gritty Rustic.

Timo: Hey there! Well, yes ma'am! You are absolutely right. This is a genuine durable work of the Gritty Rustic Leather Co. And I happen to love this backpack.

Sabine: I knew it! And yes that backpack is truly an exceptional one. Only a real man would choose such a bag. (winks)

Timo: Aww! That's a sweet thing to say, thanks! To speak of which, I see you got yourself there a leather bag as well, and if I'm not mistaken, it looks to be the penmanship of a Gritty Rustic. And, by the way, it looks absolutely dazzling the way it's pressed up against your hip like that. (winks back)

Sabine: Your damn right it looks dazzling on me! And yes! This is an authentic handmade Gritty Rustic leather satchel. Those guys really know their shit, don't they! Hell, the name implies it! Say, where're you heading to? You wouldn't happen to be traveling, well you know, alone by any chance? (winks again)

Timo: Actually, I am traveling alone. I am on my way to Zhongshan. How about you, where are you headed to?  (winks back again)

Sabine: Well, what do you know! I am heading to Zhongshan as well, and I just happen to have a cabin on this train all to myself, unless of course someone was interested in possibly sharing it with me. (winks a third time)

Timo: Well, does that mean I should join you? (winks back a third time).

Sabine: Well, let me just say, you would be an absolute fool not to join me!

Timo: ....... Serious?

Sabine: Yes sir, Mr. Gritty Rustic backpack!

Timo: Well in that case, no one wants to be a fool. You just lead the way!

Sabine: Sure thing sweet cakes, you just follow.

Timo: God, I freaking love this bag!