Nostalgia Leather Satchel Bag

Nostalgia is a feeling of an overwhelming presence of love and grief for something that we are still saying goodbye to or reminiscing incessantly about. It's a feeling of deep remorse combined with subtle joy and passion for life. In it, are lost to us many things of great importance, such as good friends and times spent with them, special items from our daily use, the aromas from certain atmospheres, distinctive sounds, tastes, emotions, scenes, colors, textures and shades of light. Some of these things are fading with every passing moment, while some remain intact in our minds eye. These are the elements that create the very nature of the thing we call nostalgia.

When we feel a sense of nostalgia overtake us, we aren't always happy about it, though life itself, forces us to understand life through experiencing nostalgia. Some memories are preferred to be left the way they are, and some however, were never really meant to end. The memories that have resisted the cruel and impatient passing of time are the ones that we end up recreating some way or another.

Nostalgia experienced in it's present moment is usually triggered by something of the tangible realm. Like, when you see a leather satchel that resembles the one you used so many years ago. You are immediately consumed by the memories of yourself, your leather satchel and the adventures you shared. You may even ponder on these thoughts for a good couple of minutes or even days and at times months. Inspired and overwhelmed by the nostalgia you experience, you may find yourself purchasing a new leather satchel.

Nostalgia is the guiding light when we have lost our sense of direction, our self confidence and ambition to continue on. It reminds us where we have been, who we are and where we really want to be going.