Name Brands Vs. Private Leather Studios

You buy a name brand leather bag, and you're quite satisfied about it because you didn't just get a generic leather bag, you got a leather bag from a very popular name brand, and this means your social status just went up. At this point there’s a lot to be proud of.

Everyone wants a name brand product. That's just how we have been fashioned by society and the media to think and do. But the question we never ask is does a name brand product always entail that the quality is really good, or that we are getting our bang for the buck? The truth is, yes and no.

Here is a simple situation that I’m sure each of us have heard before. John buys a name brand leather satchel bag, while John's friend Mike buys, buys a non-name brand leather satchel bag from a private leather studio. They meet up for a chat and show off their new leather satchel bags. Shortly after John realizes he paid a fortune for a name brand leather satchel bag that doesn’t seem to be nearly as heavy as Mike’s. And the leather quality doesn't appear to be as nearly as durable as Mikes. Now at this point, John has got to thinking. He knows either he just isn’t educated enough about leather and good quality leather bags, or his gut feeling is absolutely right.

In today's market of leather goods and other expensive luxury and fashionable goods, there are some larger brands that have discovered ways to exploit the possibilities of cutting their costs. And no matter how they go about cutting their costs, it always ends with the quality of their leather products being reduced in some way or another. This quality issue goes completely undiscovered and is invisible to any end user excited about purchasing a name brand product. It would seem as though name brands offer a higher social status for their customers and because of this they can increase their prices and at the same time reduce the quality of their merchandise. With power and popularity, comes control and manipulation, and that's the very nature of this practice.

One thing is for certain, smaller non-mainstream private leather studios such as our selves; offer the best quality leather goods on the market, hands down. These smaller but higher quality focused leather studios don't have the resources or the reputation to take chances undercutting the quality or unreasonably increasing the price. In fact they prioritize their customers experience using the products and their customers overall satisfaction with the product and services. They usually supply leather goods of outstanding workmanship and durability to a smaller sized community of loyal customers who recognize and highly appreciate the practiced values and ethics of these private leather studios.