Does Crazy Horse Leather Stain Clothes?

As we know, currently crazy horse leather is one of the most fascinating type of leathers on the planet. Mainly because of it's exceptionally qualities. Crazy horse leather is highly valued for it's vintage nature and appeal, it's level of durability and so on. Although, there is another unique quality that also adds to the strength of this leather. Crazy horse leather does not stain fabrics.

Because crazy horse leather is made by using a special purpose wax which is applied to the external surface of the leather fibers, it doesn't bare any staining agents that otherwise damage or stain clothing and fabrics. Due to the nature of the wax and it's non-fabric staining quality and durability, crazy horse leather is the ideal choice of leather for making leather briefcases, leather satchel bags and leather backpacks.

Unlike oil-pull leather bags, and many other types of leather that heavily utilize oils, crazy horse leather is the exception choice. As of today, there aren't too many types of leathers that possess such a combination of vintage appeal, high durability and non-fabric staining qualities.