Crazy Horse Leather Satchel Bags Vs. Genuine Leather Satchel Bags

The copper toned golden brown genuine leather satchel bags of today, are but a common trend of leather fashion accessory, that is quickly loosing steam. For a time, the height of fashion and vintage attire was heavily dominated by the genuine leather satchel bags. The mood was, that if you truly wanted to add depth to your wardrobe then you needed a genuine leather satchel bag. However, at some point within the last five to seven years, the growing realization that not only being at the top of your fashion game was important, but the need for durability and reliability was becoming even more apparent. And that genuine leather alone was incapable of fulfilling this necessity.

The advent of the crazy horse leather satchel bag is but the only contender in this dire need for vintage fashion combined with the durability that comes with real leather. The realization that crazy horse leather could provide these two uniquely important qualities in a leather satchel bag has become more and more imminent in the fashion industry, and an immediate threat to the multitudes of companies producing these plastic bags otherwise known as genuine leather satchel bags.

In comparison, genuine leather satchels can last as long as 2 years under good habits of routine cleaning and care. Whereas, crazy horse leather satchels have been known to last for as long as 30 years without the need for routine cleaning and care. Unlike crazy horse leather satchels, genuine leather satchels do not age well over time either. In fact, it is soon realized that the older a genuine leather satchel bag becomes, the more it will appear to resemble exactly what it is made of, plastic and synthetic materials.