A Good Retailer

For when things go wrong, a good retailer should almost always devote his entire business operation to satisfying their customers, regardless of the strange or unusual suspicious situations that may arise. There will always be a loss no matter what. But it's the customer who takes the leap of faith almost every time, and for that we have this beautiful thing called e-commerce. Being a good retailer is about investing in the customers satisfaction. And that is the bottom line. When and if a retailer sets out with the motive to make big profits regardless of having happy customers or not, then that retailer will eventually be his own downfall.

Imagine the thousands of online stores without a single customer to go shopping in them. The end user, the customer can most certainly survive without the retailer. This alone should indicate to retailers what they should be prioritizing. And in the event of this acknowledgment hopefully the customers satisfaction would eventually become a genuine concern to the retailer.

As a retailer, we come prepared for the loss, mostly because we are already at a loss due to the initial startup investment. But for a trusting costumer, they only have what a retailer tells them, and based on that information they make a decision to buy or not to buy. It is a delicate relationship between customers and online retailers.