A Lifetime Leather Bag

"Will it actually last a lifetime?" This is the very question that we ask ourselves before we purchase something that is promised to “last a lifetime” or hash tagged “buy t for life”. Most of us know that a lifetime product is usually a watch or a diamond ring, but what about a real leather bag? The idea that a leather bag could actually last a lifetime seems a bit unreal. Although, there are always exceptions to something like this.

We all know the story about The Titanic. Well, if you haven’t heard it before, then allow me to sum it up really quickly for you. It’s a true story about a British passenger liner or cruise ship you could say, that hit an ice berg and sank to the bottom of the ocean in the year 1912. It was a tragedy that was made into a good story, as every tragedy that befalls man. But, what we don't know about the titanic is that within the last decade or so, humans began salvaging artifacts from the wreck, and to their surprise they discovered completely intact Swiss leather satchel bags. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, that would almost seem impossible, however it is very true. Not only expensive diamond rings and time pieces can last a lifetime or longer. It would appear that a well made real leather bag can do just the same.

Though in a very real sense, for a real leather bag to last a lifetime it would come down to the type of leather and the skill level of the workmanship. Not to mention, the variables that come with wear and tear. The lifetime product that retailers sell their customers on is always going to be partially and impartially true.