What is a Patina?

Not all leathers look good with age. However, if and when good quality leather has lasted long enough and was taken well care of, a unique feature will begin to show. The leather will begin to develop a beautiful, lustrous and laboriously sheeny characteristic to the texture known as a patina.

The patina comes from the natural oils on our hands and bodies rubbed onto the leather surface over time and from daily use. The patina will usually darken the leather color, allowing the leather texture to become smoother to the touch.

This unique character attribute that slowly develops with leather is limited to natural leathers. This implies that if a leather has been painted over with any form of synthetics such as paint or acrylic then the chances of producing a patina are greatly limited.  

Nothing looks better than the patina of a leather bag that has been well cared for through wear and tear over the years! The ageing process of daily use and wear and tear adds character to a leather bag, and gives it a life-story of its very own. Every mark, scratch, crack and darkened area tells a tale.